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The digital and ICT revolution, the urgency of preserving our ecosystem together with the need to provide the workforce with the required skills are possibly the major challenges ever faced by the logistic sector and the industry they serve.

High in the European agenda, meeting these challenges requires cohesion, synergy and a cross-cutting approach: requirements which the industrial, sectoral associations, due to their vertical nature, are not able to fully meet.

CONFALIS, the biggest Italian confederation of logistics and companies associations, together with its SME’s association Federazione Imprese, aggregate both logistic operators and their users. Representing the logistic supply chain as a whole, CONFALIS and Federazione Imprese are deeply aware of the urgency to face these major challenges from a cross-cutting perspective.

Within this context, Fondazione CS MARE was established by the intermodal logistic cluster in July 2017 to catalyse this cross-cutting vision in the dialogue with the European Institutions, promoting and financing pioneering actions in order to face the major challenges of decarbonisation, digitalisation and skill building.

Fondazione CS MARE

Fondazione CS MARE was born to give a difference-making contribution to the deployment of some of the major European priorities: decarbonisation of the energy and trasport sector, Blue Economy, ICT’s and digitalisation, skill building.

It promotes strategic actions of research and innovation financing projects in line with the major development challenges, in order to complete the mosaic of financing sources offered by European and national Institutions with the missing pieces.

It acts as a trait d’union and a catalyst between the intermodal logistic players and the related catchment area, the central Administrations and the European Institutions, for the deployment of a cutting-edge logistic system in the Mediterranean able to create value for its users and the territory.

Fondazione CS MARE Media Partner of TRA Conference Vienna

Fondazione CS MARE at work - Malta, Our Ocean 2017 World Conference


Fondazione CS MARE accesses, through its member associations, more than 350.000 enterprises, as well as those public and private organisations which joined the Foundation as Member identifying themselves in its vision and values: Port Authorities, central, regional and local Administrations, Universities and other actors of the research and innovation environment, not least industrial clusters and individual companies.

The synergies between the public and private sectors created through Fondazione CS MARE thus respond to the needs of an industrial cluster aggregating the logistic supply chain as a whole: 6.000 logistic and trasport companies together with more than 350.000 companies taking advantage of logistics as creator of surplus value in the Mediterranean basin.

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