A step forward towards the benefits of connected and automated multimodal transport: the STRIA roadmap

Connected and automated transport is an important area of digital technology promising a number of benefits for the individual, the society and the economy in the various sectors of transportation of both people and freight. In addition, it has the potential to support the competitiveness of the European transport manufacturing, telecom and IT industries on worldwide markets. 

Following the 2017 Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA) of the European Commission, the recently published STRIA roadmap on Connected and Automated Transport moves further the strategy initially developed in 2017 introducing three specific roadmaps to innovate waterborne, road and rail transport. 

Prepared under the initiative of European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, this document available online is the result of a workshop in which Fondazione CS MARE took part together with experts of different stakeholder groups from industry, academia and national authorities. 

The three roadmaps developed in this framework identify a number of effective initiatives that work hand in hand to advance innovation, each of them supported by a sequence of actions including research and innovation activities as well as other measures to accelerate deployment.

The core of the roadmaps are the actual strategic plans, where the necessary actions are organised in the short, medium or long term, meaning until 2023, until 2030, or beyond 2030. The aim is to facilitate the paradigm shifts and disruptive innovation inherent in connected and automated transport, which will benefit all transport modes in terms of increased efficiency, safety and sustainability. 

In order to reach this goal, the STRIA Roadmap also highlights potential synergies, overlaps and possible fields for cooperation between and common actions of Member States and the European Commission. In fact, the next step will now take place in June at a Governance Group meeting with the European Commission, Member States and transport technology platforms.

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