Autonomous vehicles and road safety: Fondazione CS MARE hosts the first SIMUSAFE workshop

Brussels, 16 May 2019 – How can the risk of a digital divide in mobility, which would have a major impact on socio-economic aspects and road safety, be reduced or even avoided? This is the question that was addressed during the first thematic workshop of SIMUSAFE, the EU project dealing with new standards for the introduction of autonomous vehicles and their interaction with road users, hosted by the Brussels office of Fondazione CS MARE.

The event saw the participation, among others, of Manuel Picardi, vice-president and secretary general of the EFA (European Automobile Federation), Antonio Avenoso, executive director of the ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) and Carlo Polidori, president of AIPSS (Italian Association of Road Safety Professionals).

“In order for road users to really benefit from simulators inspired by autonomous vehicles, the standardisation of driving schools’ criteria and the update of training programmes are necessary” explained EFA Vice-President Manuel Picardi, also making a reference to the new book of Fondazione CS MARE, “Europe On the Move: The Route”.

“Training and safety are two closely related activities where the use of advanced technologies can make a difference, especially in road transport, where there are the highest number of accidents. The use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles, the so-called ADAS, during the training period must be made as a compulsory step for the high-level training required by the complexities of the current challenges”.

“More than 25,000 deaths were recorded in 2018 on the roads of the European Union,” continued ETSC Executive Director Antonio Avenoso. “With a strong regulatory framework combined with education, information and training of drivers, autonomous vehicles can help reduce this tragic picture, even though we still need drivers who do not rely too much on such systems and policy-makers who do not neglect the measures already available, that can save lives in the short and medium term.”

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