No longer an option, but an imperative: reducing carbon emissions is the only possible solution so that future generations can inherit a sustainable planet.
Decarbonisation is the process of changing the carbon-hydrogen relationship in energy sources.

The reduction of carbon emissions is a necessary step to achieving a true blue economy, i.e. a zero-emission business model. Fondazione CS MARE promotes and supports the implementation of strategic projects involving the combined use

of different forms of alternative energy (alternative fuels and electricity) within a context of maritime and land transport (short sea shipping, port facilities and heavy-duty vehicles) and fishing (new generation fishing vessels).

CS MARE has committed to 15 million EUR in funding for decarbonisation initiatives in the period 2018-2022.

At the 2017 edition of the “Our Ocean” international conference held in Malta, an event created to mobilize governments, national and international institutions, industrial clusters and companies to commit themselves through innovative instruments to saving the life of the oceans, Fondazione CS MARE was identified by the international community as a key instrument in the promotion of initiatives of international strategic interest on the reduction of pollution and conservation of the ecosystem.

In front of representatives from the United Nations, 8 heads of State and over 70 ministers, Fondazione CS MARE publicly committed to providing 15 million EUR of funding to strategic decarbonisation initiatives in the period 2018-2022, specifically aimed at using different types of energy and alternative fuels in intermodal transport: LNG (liquefied natural gas), bio-LNG (produced from urban waste and fishing and agriculture waste), and electricity.

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