Dialogue with Europe

The Foundation acts as an intermediary between public and private enterprises in Italy and EU institutions in order to balance EU policies with company needs.
Fondazione CS MARE supports governments, public bodies and Italian companies

in their political-institutional and operational dialogue with the Directorates-General and Departments of the European Commission, the European Parliament and other European Community institutions. This includes the gathering of privileged information, the facilitation of dialogue with areas and offices of the Community executive, the promotion and implementation of projects within the European context, and the organisation of events where businesses, in particular SMEs, are put in direct contact with various sources of European funding.

Fondazione CS MARE relies on a network of around 350,000 companies, which benefit from intermodal logistics as a means of development in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

These include both private and public organisations which, recognizing a common vision and values, work directly with the Foundation: Port Authorities, central, regional and local governments, and other players within the system of innovation and research.

CS MARE is part of SEA Europe, and partner of the Waterborne and ETP-Alice technology platforms.
CS MARE listens to the needs of companies, particularly SMEs, and helps them to comply with European directives and regulations.

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