This is a long-term structured cooperation between public and private players for the achievement of goals of social value.
Fondazione CS MARE was established in July 2017 on the initiative of the founding members: Federazione Imprese, the “European Consulting Organization EEIG” (a European Economic Interest Grouping) and the Eastern Sicilian Sea Port Authority.

It is the natural evolution of the Centro Servizi per il Mare memorandum of understanding signed in September 2015 by public and private entities faced with the need for an organisation able to act as a catalyst in relation to European institutions on the subjects of development and human resources. The results achieved and the rapid expansion of the intermodal logistics cluster to more than 350,000 companies made it necessary to establish an organisation with a broader function.

The Foundation supports governments, public bodies and companies in their political-institutional and operational dialogue with Brussels, contributing to the development and promotion of all strategic sectors in the Euro-Mediterranean area: intermodal logistics and transport, integrated maritime policies, integrated coastal management, maritime affairs, fishing, and tourism, acting as an intermediary between private, public and research requirements.

CS MARE promotes and coordinates studies, research, surveys, publications and awareness-raising events
Evelin Zubin, President of Fondazione CS MARE:

Supporting the Italian business community, and in particular SMEs, which are so important to the Italian economy, is the USP of the Foundation and of my professional career. It is fundamental to help them face and manage the changes already under way and to seize all the resulting opportunities. It’s a question of evolution of the system.

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