We are working towards making future businesses sustainable, digital and skilled.

Fondazione CS MARE

The Foundation acts as an intermediary between governments, public bodies and Italian companies in their dialogue with European Union institutions, balancing European policies with the needs of a pool of around 350,000 companies, comprising mostly SMEs.

The Foundation was created from the drive of business associations to prepare SMEs for the great challenges that lie ahead. The aim is to encourage a new culture by providing best practices and useful information, and promote a federated system able to deal with and adapt to EU directives and regulations.

It funds public-interest projects using private resources in those sectors considered strategic for the Mediterranean region, with the aim of implementing some of Europe’s key priorities: decarbonisation, digitalisation and skill building.

01. Europe

and policy-making
Our work

Fondazione CS MARE supports public and private investors in their dialogue with European institutions, promoting and funding research, development and innovation initiatives able to respond to the great challenges that lie ahead

02. Future


  • Decarbonisation


  • Training


  • Digitalisation


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