Innovation and sharing: the factsheet of CS MARE presents the Common Agricultural Policy 2021-2027

Brussels, 12 July 2019Digitalisation of the supply chain and development of precision agriculture will be included among the priorities of the CAP 2021-2027, the Common Agricultural Policy in the framework of the next European financial seven-year period. If approved, the proposal under discussion foresees that 28.5% of the total EU budget 2021-2027 will be allocated to the CAP, equal to 365 billion euros, of which 36 billion will be allocated to Italy.

The new CAP has 9 strategic objectives (including ensuring a fair income for farmers, increasing competitiveness, tackling climate change, supporting generational change) to be achieved through the use of “smart” tools representing the pinnacle of research and innovation in agriculture: platforms for data sharing on a European scale, geo-monitoring systems for climate conditions, robotics and photonics.

The benefits of “smart” agriculture, from increasing production to reducing water consumption, from better product quality to reducing costs, are described in the new factsheet of the Fondazione CS MARE. Focusing on the issue of training and knowledge transfer, it highlights the need to correctly address the radical changes underway so that they can be perceived as an opportunity, and not as a burden or damage, by the farmers’ community.

In particular, the very high percentage of SMEs in the agricultural sector must be able to be prepared to manage the modernisation of methods and technologies, including through EU policies, often directed to the major stakeholders which are best prepared to manage the impact of change. It is therefore important to avoid the risk of further increasing the digital divide between large and small enterprises, which threatens the survival of the latter. In this sense, a crucial role for the development of agricultural SMEs can be played by the associations, fostering the diffusion of a common and shared approach.

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