Mission & Vision

The digital and technological revolution, the urgency of safeguarding our ecosystem, and the need to create new skills are now the biggest challenges ever faced by businesses.
The main European priorities require cohesion, synergy and a cross-cutting approach.

Fondazione CS MARE proposes to:

- guide the policies of national and European institutions, balancing them with the needs expressed by a pool of more than 350,000 companies from the intermodal logistics cluster;

- support governments, public bodies and companies in their dialogue with the Directorates-General and Departments of the European Commission, the European Parliament and other European Community institutions;

- encourage a new culture among Italian companies, in particular SMEs, by providing best practices and useful

information, and promoting a federated system able to deal with and adapt to EU directives and regulations;

- combine the use of private resources, directing them towards a common purpose, to support public entities and companies in implementing national and European policies;

- combine complementary financial instruments in order to increase investment capacity and the competitiveness of companies, acting as an intermediary between public and private investors and a variety of funding sources.

CS MARE helps companies take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the European Union.

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