ReStart – Sicily: the Mediterranean hub

3rd and 4th May 2019 – Salone dell’ex Convento del Ritiro – Syracuse, Island of Ortigia

“Sicily, the Mediterranean hub” is the theme chosen for the final two days’ project “ReStart – A project of sharing”, a series of meetings modelled on the “5P”s of the UN Agenda 2030 (Prosperity, People, Planet, Partnership and Peace) and promoted by the Res movement. With a total of 15 thematic panels, 3 international conferences and numerous scheduled speeches, the event will see the participation and intervention of Fondazione CS MARE.

In detail, the two-day event will open on Friday, May 3rd at 17.00 with the initial conference “Sicily, the hub of the Mediterranean”, moderated by the journalist Guglielmo Troina. At the same time, the first five work panels will be held. Saturday May 4th from 10:30 am, at the same time as the conference entitled “Rigenerazione urbana: strumentodi valorizzazione edilizia e della comunità”, will take place the second session of working tables.

Also on Saturday, at 17.00, during the conference moderated by the journalist Nino Amatore entitled “Programmazione Europea 2021-2027: strumenti attuativi e criticità per supportare un masterplan di sviluppo” will be held the last session of tables. In between the conferences there will be video contributions, speeches and scheduled speeches; to coordinate the work of the panels there will be the team of Impact Hub Syracuse that will also devote itself to the restitution of the work done, synthesis that will take place in plenary assembly.

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