ReStart, the development of Sicily goes though the synergies along the ScanMed corridor

Syracuse, 5th May 2019 – Institutions, companies, professional orders and associations have discussed to reach a common goal: the relaunch and development of Sicily as a true Mediterranean hub. The final two days of the “ReStart – A sharing project” project ended Saturday 4th May 4 in Syracuse, which consisted in a series of thematic meetings modeled on the “5Ps” of the UN Agenda 2030 (Prosperity, People, Planet, Partnership and Peace), promoted by the Res.

In total, three international conferences and fifteen thematic panels took place, as well as numerous scheduled speeches. The initial conference held on Friday 3 May, entitled “Sicily, Mediterranean hub” and moderated by journalist Guglielmo Troina, saw the participation of Fondazione CS MARE.

During its speech, Fondazione CS MARE analysed existing and potential synergies along the ScanMed corridor, the longest among the TEN-T networks linking Scandinavia to Malta, passing through Germany, Austria and Italy, also crossing Sicily. In total the corridor includes 9,300 kilometers of railway network, 6,300 of road network, 19 airports, 44 railway terminals and 25 core ports, including the two Sicilians from Augusta and Palermo.

Fondazione CS MARE presented four common challenges to the participants attending the event: decarbonisation, digitisation, cross-border connectivity and implementation of missing links. “These are “destinations” that can be reached by working together along three “routes”: the continuity of technological solutions; uniformity of procedures and information; competence, intended as a culture of shared use of mutual uses, customs and needs. To date, for instance, the availability of alternative fuels is not guaranteed along the ScanMed corridor, while digitisation divides rather than connecting, as digital services are not shared”.

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