“The EU strategy for plastics in the circular economy”, the first factsheet of Fondazione CS MARE

Brussels, 27th May 2019 – To protect the environment from plastic pollution promoting the development of alternatives, by changing the way products are designed, manufactured, used and recycled: this is the objective of the European strategy for plastics in the circular economy. Launched in January 2018 by the European Commission and culminating on 27 March with the formal approval of the European Parliament, the EU institutions intend to use this Directive to guide citizens through the transition and create new investment opportunities and jobs.

A real paradigm shift, if we consider the ever-growing role and importance that plastic has assumed in the last 50 years both in our daily lives and in the economy of the continent: in fact, let’s just think that every year in Europe around 25.8 million tons of plastic waste are handled. However, only 30% of this plastic material is recycled, with negative pollution consequences on air, sea and even food.

In order to help citizens and companies to quickly transpose the new European provisions, Fondazione CS MARE has created its first “factsheet”, a printable document including all important information on the recently approved directive: from the analysis of the problem and the objectives to be achieved up to the summary of the main impacting measures that have been proposed, including the ban on sale of disposable plastic objects from 2021.

In the near future, Fondazione CS MARE’s commitment will be focused on the study, research and development of solutions thought to reduce the use of plastics in companies starting from the agricultural sector and, in general, within the entire agri-food and transport value chains.

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