The need to build and develop new skills among operators so they are able to face the momentous change currently under way.
The use of new vehicles, technologies and procedures requires well-trained and specialist personnel.

It is clear, however, that such a radical change also brings with it complex issues, particularly for SMEs, which make up 99% of road transport operators. As a result, this can cause difficulties or make the entire intermodal logistics chain less efficient. For this reason, following on from the commitments made during Our Ocean 2017 – where a commitment was made to invest

15 million EUR by 2022 to support strategic decarbonisation initiatives, including the use of alternative fuels in intermodal transport – Fondazione CS MARE launched a training programme for the use of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the transport sector, focusing on truck drivers and on employees at refuelling facilities.

CS MARE aims to share knowledge within the areas of the intermodal logistics chain that need it the most.

For some time, LNG has been the special focus of various public and private initiatives – including GAINN_IT, an Italian initiative which proposes to create an Italian LNG network by 2030. With the proper synergies, these initiatives make up part of a greater jigsaw puzzle, where the training of specific categories is one of the most important and urgent pieces.

CS MARE is committed to sharing knowledge in the potentially weakest sectors of the chain, made up almost entirely of micro and small enterprises. Fondazione CS MARE has taken on the moral and material commitment to help the companies in its network to correctly adopt the provisions of the European Union and seize the opportunities generated by these changes, so that no one is left behind. It does this by promoting the provision of appropriate training courses through the industry associations that it works with directly.

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