Workshop GreenDay – “Hope great Works green”

24 June 2019, from 8.30 AM to 1 PM – Aula Magna of Palazzo delle Scienze – Corso Italia 55, Catania

Hope great Works green” is the title of the Green Day Workshop organised by Fondazione CS MARE in Catania in partnership with Sicily Region, the Economics & Enterprise Department of the University of Catania and its Training & Placement Center.

The aim is to raise the awareness of the world of training about the needs of the employment market and to bring closer universities, green-oriented companies and Economics students; it is an open dialogue on the Green Economy, in order to define training programmes grounded on the sustainability of the territory.

“Green Economy” is today a real economic model, based on limiting the impact on the environment of every action performed by citizens and companies, but also on managing resources efficiently along with socially inclusive policies, where technology and scientific knowledge play a major role.

Consequently, the increasing demand of “green” jobs, raised from traditionally green sectors such as electricity production from renewable sources (photovoltaic and wind sectors), concerns today the whole sectors of manufacturing and services. Companies investing in eco-efficiency increasingly require high competences and a strong specialisation, especially in R&D, marketing, communications and design.



Prof. Michela Cavallaro
Director of Economics & Enterprise Department, University of Catania

Prof. Maria Teresa Clasadonte
Full Professor of Commodity Sciences, University of Catania

Prof. Tiziana Cuccia
President of Economics degree course, University of Catania

Prof. Davide Rizzotti
President of Management degree course, University of Catania

Prof. Veronica Benzo
Vice President of Business Economics degree course, University of Catania


Prof. Agata Matarazzo
Associato di Scienze Merceologiche Dipartimento Economia e Impresa, University of Catania


Salvatore Cocina
General Manager of Water and Waste Department, Region of Sicily

Valeria Amato
Strategic Development Manager, Fondazione CS MARE


Gianluca Costanzo
President of Confindustria Giovani Catania

Maurizio Mazzapicchi
Head Office Rina Services Spa – Catania

Massimo Scatà
Director of General Affairs, Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mare Sicilia Orientale (Port Authority of Catania and Augusta)

Mauro Nicosia
President Confetra Sicilia

Emanuele Spampinato
National Vice President Assintel and President of Consorzio Etnahitech

Simone Massaro
CEO Bax Energy Italia srl

Francesco Failla
CEO FG Ambiente srl

Marco Morabito
Director Sicula Trasporti srl

Carlo Gigli
Sales Executive Ge.Spi. srl

Alberto Bertino
Environment Manager Acciaierie di Sicilia spa

Alberto Graci
Owner at Cantine Graci e Cda Consorzio Etna Doc

Maurizio Nicolosi
Owner at Cantine Judeka

Closing remarks

Carmelo Pappalardo
Director of Training & Placement Center

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